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Recently, I have been mulling over a certain topic that I wanted to post about. This topic is about people supporting people, that I have been learning through business owners supporting other business owners. I finally decided that posting about my experience, although I am still learning and growing through it, just might help you, who’s reading this now, whether you are a business owner or not. I value integrity in others and therefore I value it in myself. I do not want to post anything that would be coming from a place of attack toward another. I try to be most conscious of the types of things I am sharing as I do not want to teach fear, but only the truth of love. We are all teachers and we are always teaching each other; whether by our example or by what we are sharing and putting out into the world. 

Starting my own business has been something that I wanted to do for a while. The thing that I had to get past was my self doubt. I also needed to get clear about what it is I wanted to share. Starting this new business has brought up a lot of areas for me to grow in. We never truly stop learning, there is a lesson in everything. For me, there was (and still is), room for growth in areas that I didn’t even know existed within my self-worth and in my perception of others. I am only human, and at times I forget the Truth and I get stuck in fear too. I feel it creep up from my core, it’s a constricting feeling that maybe what I have isn’t good enough or isn’t as good as someone else’s. Fear that my name won’t get out and I will lose business or support from others. But mostly, fear that someone else can take something of value away from me. 

This also goes the other way around. I sometimes get the feeling that not everyone is coming from a place of connection, support, and love. And maybe there are some who are secretly afraid that you will succeed, and who truly believe that your success can take something away from them. But isn’t one’s success, the success of another's as well? What it comes down to is insecurity, self-doubt, and fear. Yes, it’s that four letter word again - fear. It’s funny how at times fear can show up wearing the mask of entitlement, worry, insecurity, or even attack. But no matter how fear shows up we can always, by being aware of it, come back to what matters most: Truth and Trust.

Get ready, because I am about to tell you a Truth. And yes the truth has the power to set you free from fear! No one, no thing, no situation, no energy has the power to take away from you what is of true value. And what is of true value but of our spirit, our creativity, and our love? We are meant to see the light in one another. Anything that brings separation is an illusion. We are meant to be whole and to see the whole in our friend, colleague, sister, and brother. Why then do we get stuck believing that one’s success must mean another’s failure, or that our own discoveries and creative ideas should be hidden in fear that another may steal them? We are here to learn, or rather unlearn, ideas that we were fed growing up. Ideas that what is of this physical world and our bodies are what really matter, when in fact, reality is that we are all souls and all connected through Spirit, and therefore what you see in another or fear in another, is something that is in yourself as well. There is an unlimited flow for everyone in the universe, but are you buying in to the fear that there is only so much to go around? What is your belief about abundance, success, and yourself? Here's the what we need to come back to: There is always enough to go around. 

Our purpose is to share, it is to inspire one another. All this fear is of the Ego. The ego is not the truth it is a perception and an illusion, the ego is constriction, the Truth is expansion. So next time you feel yourself constricting in fear, it may be time to take a step back and look within. Where can you change your thoughts to move from constriction into the expansion of love, creativity, and Truth. Therefore the situation that I wanted to post about in the first place isn’t about business owners supporting business owners, moreover it is about you knowing the truth of the light within yourself and the truth that that same light is also in all others. We are here to share, to learn from each other, to inspire, to grow, to create, and to love one another. Where in  your daily life do you feel fear creeping up? And are you able to notice it, go within, and really see the Truth? The Truth that you are whole and no one can take that away from you, the truth that we are here to share with one another, to inspire each other, and to see the light in ourselves is the same as the light in another. 

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  • Oh…My…God… I didn’t expect to see this and just read it. Had to get my coffee when I started as I saw that I’d be reading something very precious to savor. I am filled with gratitude that you, with your remarkable soul, are with my son, Keane. What a blessing for a mom to have 2 sons who gave me 2 direct-from-heaven daughters.

    gerraine santos on

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