Wait... Was That a Sign?

Posted by Marisa Fukunaga on

I am a strong lover of nature. It fills me up when I feel low, refreshes me when I am tired, and makes me feel so free. I believe that nature talks to us all of the time giving us messages and signs to guide our way. We are not always open or paying attention when these messages come and therefore we may not even be aware that nature is guiding us. My hope for this blog is inspire you to pay closer attention the next time you head out the door. There's a whole realm of supporters in spirit form waiting to guide and help you, however it is totally up to you to see and interpret these signs. If you are not open to it then it simply won't be there. 

Signs can come in all forms, and are specific to the individual that experiences them. It can be as simple as a light breeze or a leaf falling from the tree. And you don't have to be in a forest on a hike, or at the beach to see these. I live in the heart of the city and while I am taking my dog on his daily walk I see them all the time, even without adamantly looking. For example, I was waiting for my boyfriend outside of a bubble drink shop when across the street from me a large dead branch on a palm tree suddenly fell to the ground. It definitely caught my eye and attention. A voice inside me said that this was a sign that all the old parts of myself that are no longer serving me has fallen away or is in process of falling away. Like the natural occurrence of a dead branch falling off of the tree, the pieces of me that no longer resonate with who I am growing into are also naturally falling away. This gave me some comfort and ease (through all of the changes occurring throughout my life) that growing, transformation, and shedding are as natural as the seasons of life. 

Many signs I see also come in the form of animals or insects. For example, we live on the 36th floor of our condominium and one day on the ledge outside of our window was a green grasshopper. I have no idea how he got onto our window sill, as we are so high up! Grasshoppers are a beautiful symbol of luck, prosperity, and fortune. They can also symbolize balance, creativity, patience, and freedom. So many meanings! All the more important it is to note which meaning resonates with you at the time you see these signs. The black bumble bee is another little symbol I have been seeing recently. Almost every morning while I set up my work station to begin my day the bee comes right by our window (again we live on the 36th floor). I have also been seeing the bee while walking and driving in my car. I take these as symbols to what I need to know now. The bee is a very prosperous symbol as well, and a symbol of deep wisdom and spirituality. It can also be a symbol of balancing work and reward, or finding the balance between work and play. All of which I am trying to do in transitioning into self-employment and grow my spiritual business. 

 Almost as important as the symbol or sign you see is how you interpret this. This is a great lesson in trusting in your own intuition. We all have this intuitive power, sometimes we just need some practice in becoming familiar with this voice and trusting it. When you see or feel that something may be a sign for you listen to what it could possibly mean, as a sign may be different from one person to another. It is also important to stay in a loving place and away from fear when interpreting these signs. The universal energy or god (call it what you want) is simply made up of Love. That is all. As simple as that. And the universe or god is always for us and always guiding us to peace, joy, and love. Here is one experience that may help you. Just last month I kept seeing dead birds everywhere. Now this isn't the first time this had happened to me this happened to me about 5 years ago as well. I could have easily played into the story of fear and thought that this was a bad luck omen for myself. However, after much growth and deeper understanding and trust in the power of the universe/god/love my intuition told me that this is a symbol of transition and transformation. Death is just a transition. And we die many times in our lives. As we transition through different life experiences we become reborn into the next version of ourselves. It was actually a positive sign of new beginnings! What a surprise! 

What has been constantly showing up in your life? What signs has nature and god and the angels been showing you? It doesn't just have to be in the form of nature, it can also be in numbers (more on that later), or things you find such as pennies. I am so interested in connecting with you all so please comment and share your experiences! 









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  • Baron Baptiste’s (yoga guru) book, Journey Into Power, gave me a late, but valuable lesson. “You instincts are never wrong….NEVER.” I reflected back to the many times I listened to someone else when my voice told me the opposite. My instincts were never wrong, and the “someone else” who I thought knew better was wrong. You are your most powerful person. I also connect nature with “signs”.

    gerraine santos on

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