Dark Moon Times to make way for the New Moon Times

Posted by Marisa Fukunaga on

New Moon in Sagittarius and Full-Solar Eclipse 

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius takes place on December, 14th 2020 at 6:17 am HT.

Now the past couple of days leading up to the 14th may have been intense to say the least. It may have felt like a time to go within to reflect, and to withdraw from the normal pace of society. I just learned that three days before the New Moon is known as the Dark Moon. This time isn’t talked about as much as how the New Moon is, however it is pivotal we bring it to the surface as it does play a huge role in our current experience. The Dark Moon is a time when the moon is almost non-visible in the night sky. How does this affect us? The Dark Moon is a time to get quiet, take time in reflection and meditation. It may be revisiting uncomfortable truths and pieces of information that we never were aware of before. It is important as part of the cycle, and yes, it should be talked about. Many people avoid and do not want to face this time, or are way too busy in the day to day to take the time to notice what is happening in the planetary energy and notice what is coming up within them. If we do not take the time to slow down, to listen, and to reflect then  this could show up as irritability, anger, anxiety, overthinking, negative thinking spirals, and fatigue.

Deep truths are coming up at this time, and deeper knowledge of what our purpose here is. We are receiving downloads that are helping us to grow and understand ourselves on levels we never knew possible. Trust that this is happening for our healing and soul growth, and that growth is not always pleasant. We may not be able to put it into words or tangible language yet, but we are receiving deep and sacred knowledge from the universe during the Dark Moon times. Be careful not to jump to conclusions at this time, with the feelings and information coming to you. Let it come, and let it be without trying to decipher and figure it all out. The answers come as time goes on. Right now is the time to connect, to let go of our mental control and need to control, or need to understand and figure out. Can you trust that in due time things will lighten and the answers will just come to you in a form of knowingness? We are all energetic beings so this is happening to all of us at this time. We are just at different points on the same journey. 

What comes from stillness? A peace so deep that nothing of this world can shake. A strength so powerful that only Eternal Truth can be used to describe it. A stability that goes past time and past our own perceptions, expectations, and fears. Knowing this place, in stillness, and not fearing it, is where our true essence lies. It is where we find our souls and the timeless connection to life itself. Can you get still? The time is potent for receiving divine messages and downloads. Be open to it, by carving out stillness throughout your day. 

Knowingness, will not come from your analysis, your emotions, or your feelings. Knowingness is not attached to these at this time. Knowingness will come and happen without any of our part in it. Let go, trust, and let it come. Be objective in your decisions and stand for what you Know. Stand in your Truth.


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