Ladybug guide and Following your bliss! 

Posted by Marisa Fukunaga on

Ladybugs bring luck, abundance, joy, and child-like nature. This blog was inspired by a Lady Bug that visited me on my window this morning… my 36th floor unit window that is! Definitely a gift and message from the Divine. This goes hand in hand with something I have been wanting to share. A message that has recently been coming through to me often. That is to smile, have fun, follow your bliss, enjoy life, and soar into Joy! Following your joy requires first letting go and then choosing. The first will take trust and faith, the latter stepping into your own power as a co-creator of your situations. Joy is within you always, it is a conscious choice at times. Joy is an expression of the Divine. Joy has such high vibrations that when you are in it and feeling it you are truly a shining light to all!  

Joy is as natural to us as living and breathing. It is part of our purpose here and it is truly important. Guilt, obligation, and negative thinking can all fade the Joy that is so natural to us. These lower vibrational feelings may have come from past conditioning, or even past lives. Now is the time to release these lower energies and old emotions. As that is all they are old and of the past, no longer relevant to who you are now. Let yourself be happy, give yourself the gift of Joy. Let go, and let in. It is ok to do so. It is ok to let go of all that you call your “priorities” and prioritize Joy and Happiness! When you do so, it is one of the greatest forms of Thanking the Divine, and of Praising God and the Angels. So find your Joy within, and let yourself have it! 

Remember the blog I wrote about signs and symbols from Spirit? Signs can come in the form of a Ladybug, a song on the radio, repeating number patterns, and anything else under the sun. You know it is a sign for you when you feel it. Trust this intuition you have so innately. Pay attention to any signs you are seeing right now. The time is ripe for receiving messages in all forms! With the planetary alignments, eclipse season, and our recent Winter Solstice the veil between our world and spirit is thin. This makes it easier to connect to passed on loved ones, ancestors, angels, fairies, and any other guides of Light and Love. Messages of Light and Joy are coming through to us now! Be open to receiving! 

You may be wondering how you can connect… well that is through your heart of course! Get quiet, go to your favorite place, one that brings you peace and serenity and silence, so that you can really tune into your heart and hear the messages that want to come through to you. I suggest disconnecting from your phone, as I do feel Social Media and Technology can really take us out and farther away from ourselves if we are not present and conscious with using it. And no! You do not have to do a huge ritual to connect with spirit, or to go to a sacred space. Do what works for you! If rituals help you connect then by all means do the rituals. If going to the beach helps then by all means go to the beach.  What I am saying is true connection comes through your heart. You can connect anywhere, in your bedroom, in the comfort of your own home, in your bathroom even! And at any time you choose to do so.You do not need to wait for a full moon or a special conjunction to do so either. You also do not need sage or crystals (although at times they can help). All you need is yourself, your conscious awareness, presence, and a focus inward. These are the true means to Joy, Peace, Love and all things Light. Happy connecting and following your Joy and Bliss!


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