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I want to start off with giving you a quote.... "Success is about the journey, not the destination." What is the first thing that comes up for you when you hear this quote? Perhaps it sounds a bit cliché? Perhaps you have heard it a million times already. Or maybe, it really resonates with you and your experiences thus far.

Personally, I find that these quotes don't mean as much for me until I experience an actual event or situation in my day to day that becomes an epiphany moment, where I am suddenly aware of the meaning to it and it hits me to the core. These breakthrough moments are Miracles! No one sees them, but we feel them inside. We feel a change in perspective and a change in our being, and this in turn changes our World. 

Okay, so back to the quote about success being about the journey. Let me give you a little back ground insight about myself. Growing up I have always felt the need to do my best and succeed. Not a bad thing to always want to try your best and to aim high. However, it may become a problem when you begin to identify your self worth with your report card or with coming in first at a tournament. I identified with my performance in school, band, and sports. I became perfectionistic and if I got anything less than my expectations I believed I was a failure and "not good." Growing up this way I brought the same beliefs into my young adult life. 

I have un-learned a lot along the way and learned more about myself. A lot of growing took place before I could leap and do thing that I have always dreamed of doing - helping people through using my gifts. I thought that everything would be better once I attained this dream. Starting this business was like opening a box into myself that I have stored away for so long. The box contained old belief systems, insecurity, shame and guilt, and a lot of fear. Through this unboxing I have been growing and learning in ways I could never have if I didn't set out on this particular path.

One of the things hidden in the box was this belief about success. I believed that to be successful meant pain, sacrifice, and difficulty. How did I come to realize this and make a change? Awareness was the first step. It is always the first and the most significant step. So where did I begin to notice this belief? I just felt tired. I am finally starting to do what I love, and I still felt tired... I finally felt settled at home but yet I still felt incomplete. This made me look within. If everything is going well on the outside it may just have been a piece of me coming up out from the box I stored within. Coming up to be released as it was no longer needed and it wasn't working for who I was becoming.

It all came back to my definition of success. I thought about it, and I realized if I am always going to be tired it is because I am always striving to attain an extreme expectation I made for myself. Trying to attain this is so exhausting. Then I asked myself can it be easier? Can I still attain success by being open to help and not forcing things into my expectation or my timeline?

As I continue to grow my new business, I am learning that success is in the present moment. The present moment is always offering you a gift. Even when you are not sure of what it is yet, and especially when it isn't what you expected it to look like. It is a gift whether we understand it yet or not. If you aren't present how can you receive it? 

If success is about the journey, and the journey is made up of moments, then success is made up of a bunch of present moments strung together. If in each moment there lies a gift, then perhaps these gifts are the destinations that we didn't expect to attain. We must bring ourselves out of our anxiety of the future and the pain or regrets about the past in order to be fully in the present of our journey. That is the first step. I have been telling clients that they need to take the first step and then the universe will follow. You are a co-creator, the first step lies in the present moment, it is right now, and then now, and then now. So take that step toward your dream or goal. The fruits will come through each moment on your journey, in different forms of course. Many of them lessons, some of which we may not realize until later in our journey, but all of them gifts. 

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  • That’s what Cesar Millan Dog Behaviorist teaches to learn from dogs! They live in the moment, don’t dwell in the past or the future. Not easy to do as a human. Kids live that way until they become influenced by adults. Thanks for reminding me to live in the moment.

    gerraine santos on

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