You'll Find It Within You

Posted by Marisa Fukunaga on

Ah, times are definitely different and are continuing to change. How have you been lately? Let’s check in. 

Now, it is more evident than ever that we live in an unpredictable world. It’s hard to know what to expect as each new day begins, it’s hard to plan for the future. We feel unsure, uncertain, and at times unsafe. The natural human response to a pandemic is fear. We are responding in the most natural way right now, so it is important not to judge how we are feeling as “bad”. There is nothing wrong with you. You are completely normal. Fear is ingrained into us as a response for survival. However, we can choose differently. You have more power than you know, not in judging, but in acceptance, gratitude, and knowing you have a choice. The thing is, that many of us put our power into things, people, situations, and plans outside of ourselves, when really the true place of power lies within. 

Recently, my sleep time has been filled with a new voice. I have been taking more classes about connecting to my guardian angels. And I love the feeling of this higher vibration and this version of spirituality (in comparison to the fear I lived with in my past - but more on that later).  I feel, the more you connect to spirit (god, divine, universe - call it what you will) and do this type of angelic work the more you open up to the high vibrations around you. There have been a few nights, or early mornings rather, that I would be half awake and half asleep. In these times, I would hear a voice telling me very wise guidance and deep, uplifting messages. I am still unsure of whether this voice was a spirit guide, my higher-self, or my guardian angels. However, based on the positivity and wisdom of the message I was not afraid of this experience. After sharing this experience with a friend, she told me that maybe I need to share these messages. And that couldn’t have resonated more for me! So here I am sharing the message. As I had mentioned earlier true power comes from a place within. The message that I heard was: “So many look for fulfillment outside of themselves, when everything that they are searching for and truly need is within.” 

There is a lesson in everything, at least I believe this right now. And what I believe is that this is a time of change and transformation for many people, communities, institutions, societies, and the world as a whole. It is a transformation that is happening both within us individually and showing up on a global scale. I guarantee that there are transitions happening in your own life right now, whether it be personally, professionally, or even spiritually transition isn’t all butterflies and roses. Yes, change brings scary feelings and feelings of unsafety, however it also brings in newness. And with the focus on newness the change turns into a possibility of what could be, it turns into hope and excitement. If you are finding this hard to believe right now because you believe that life is happening to you not for you, then it may just help you to take a step back, get still, and quiet your mind. Look at where you put your expectations and your control. Is it toward someone or something outside of yourself? If so, reframe this. What can you do to change your experience by going within instead. Within, you will find the answers, the breakthroughs, the miracles. The biggest miracles come from the smallest shifts within. These shifts change our perspective and therefore how we experience the world. 

I believe we are being guided to look within. To look at all the stuff that we didn’t want to face, or would numb out by being busy. We are getting called to get clear and do the work (no one said it was easy, it will be worth it). We are called to look within. From within you will find peace, the answers, and all your needs already met. Look at what you can control and start there. Peace begins within first, then is shared outwardly with others. So start within. Find the power within. Begin with what you can control.


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