Manini Moon Sustainability!

Receive 15% off Refills on Energy Clearing Sprays by Reusing your Glass Spray Bottle from your original purchase! 

Simply reach out to me saying you'd like to reuse & refill your bottle here. I will issue you a free return label! From there you can package and ship your bottle back to Manini Moon at 988 Halekauwila St. #3605, Honolulu HI 96814. I will create an order for an All-Purpose Clearing Spray or Personalized Clearing Spray and include the 15% of discount! Then I will make your spray and ship it off to you once ready! 


Other ways to reuse your Spray Bottles and Crystals :D 


  1. Plant or Succulent Spray Bottle 
  2. DIY Yoga Matt Spray 
  3. DIY Lavender Spray for Relaxation & Sleep (also great for children and pets) 
  4. DIY Clearing Spray :D