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Intuitive Angel Card Readings FAQs


General Questions


Is this like Tarot Cards and seeing a Psychic?  

Yes and Yes. The two main decks of cards that I use for readings are both Angel Tarot decks. They are based off of Tarot Cards, the only difference is the imagery and the messages. Tarot can often be misinterpreted as being scary and fearful due to the original images on the original Tarot. However, Angel Cards have positive, uplifting imagery and messages all while still giving clear and direct guidance.

I am considered a psychic intuitive. Psychic being that I use my senses to pick up on and feel the energy currently around you and your situation. The intuitive part comes with feeling into the messages that come through for you. Angel Cards are my tools of choice that give me a starting point. From there I use my intuition to feel into the right messages that the cards are conveying for you. 


What is an Angel Card Reading?

An Angel Card Reading at its basis is simply an exchange of energy. You come to the reading already holding the knowledge and the answers within you. My job is to simply step out of the way, and let whatever messages your angels and guides want you to know come through for you. 


Why would someone seek out an Angel Card Reading? 

Angel Card Readings can offer you a different perspective. Whether it be about a situation at hand, yourself, or life in general. When you connect to your own soul and to spirit it always brings you to the heart of the matter. Not only can you receive clarity, personal peace, and guidance but you may even open your eyes to the bigger picture of things. You may begin to see things in a new light and even begin your own spiritual journey.

It is usually the case that people seek out an Angel Card Reading because they are going through a difficult time and/or feeling a bit lost. In these cases, Angel Card Readings can offer clarity, comfort, guidance, and peace through whatever you are going through. By connecting to the heart of the matter, Angel Card Readings can provide you with healing on the deepest and truest levels. 


Are there different types of Angel Card Readings? 

Yes! There are many different types of readings out there depending on the reader and their tool of choice. There are tons of different kinds of Angel Cards, as well as other types of cards such as Oracle Cards. Oracle Cards do not follow the traditional Tarot which is why there are so many different kinds out there! Not only are there Angel Oracle Cards, but Animal Oracle Cards, and Well-being Cards as well! It is not necessarily about the tool that is used, but more importantly it is about the message that comes through for you. 


What type of Questions can I ask you? 

The most common topics that people tend to ask questions about are their career, love life, and health. It's also ok if you do not have a particular question and just want to see what messages comes through for you. The cards will always get to the heart of the matter.

During the reading, being specific helps. More specific inquiries receive more specific answers. 


Will you predict my future? 

The purpose of my readings are to provide you with clarity and insight about yourself and about a situation at hand. I can tell you where you are headed given the path that you are currently on. However, the future is not set in stone. We can always change it by seeing things from a different perspective and making a different choice. My readings are not solely to predict your future (what good would that do?). They are meant to empower you to either change path or to continue forward on your current path. The real power lies in you and in the present moment, not some where in the future. 


Booking Questions 


Where do you conduct your Readings?

Given the current Covid-19 Pandemic, I conduct readings through Zoom. I also offer my readings through email, direct message (DM), text, or phone call for those of you who are camera shy. Not a problem at all! 


How do I book a Reading? 

It is very simple to book! Just go to my booking page and from there choose a time frame for your reading and a date and time that works best for you. Put in your info to book and you will be sent a confirmation email. In the email is your Zoom link to use at the time of your reading, simply click the link to join. 

If you want to book a reading through any of the other modes (email, direct message, call or text) simply reach out to me through my contact page and I'd be happy to book you! 


Will I receive a clear reading even if it is not done in person? 

YES!!! Energy isn't governed by time nor space. No matter what the mode of communication energy is energy. I can pick up on your energy regardless of where you are. No, I do not need to see you with my physical eyes. The readings done through Zoom, Email, DM, or over the Phone will be just as clear, accurate, and precise as an in person reading. 


What length of time should I book a reading for? 

The average time for a reading is between 20-30 minutes. The minimum reading time is 10 minutes. It is totally up to you on the time you want to spend in a Reading. The longer the reading the more in depth I can go, and the more we can cover. 


How much does a reading cost?

My rate is $1/minute for Zoom and Phone Readings. For readings done through email, direct message (DM), or text it is a flat rate of $20 for your question(s). 


Can I book a reading for a friend or family member? 

I prefer that the friend or family member book with me directly. You can book a reading for another person if, and only if, that person is onboard and is open to receive a reading. Not everyone is open or ready to receive a reading and that is ok.  


What if I need/want to cancel my scheduled reading? 

I ask that you cancel at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled reading, in which you will receive a full refund. If there is a no show or a late cancellation (a cancellation less than 24 hours from the time of the reading), then the reading is non-refundable


How often should I get a reading?

My intention for these readings are to leave you empowered to make the best choices for yourself. I believe that we all have this intuitive power it is just a matter of getting to know the truth of who we are and trusting that truth. That being said, everyone is different, and we are all at different places in our lives. You can book with me as much as you feel you need guidance and clarity. However, my goal for you is to be able to trust your own intuition and not have to rely on me or anyone else for your answers. 



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