All-Purpose Clearing Spray

Manini Moon

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Use your All-Purpose Spray to bring a little more peace into you mind, energy, and life. These sprays can be used on yourself, others, or in an area such as the home, workplace, or car. Use whenever you need a bit of upliftment. These sprays are made with loving intention, and light energy. The essential oils are carefully selected for their clearing and grounding properties. Hawaiian Salt is also added for more purification, along with clear quartz crystals to help uplift the energy of yourself, others, and your home/workspace. 


Carefully hand made with energy healing, essential oils, crystals, and organic alcohol as a preservative. These sprays come in two sizes a 4 oz. size (great as a room spray) or a 2 oz. size (great for on the go, personal use). 


Important Note: This product can only be shipped via ground transportation on the island of Oahu. Neighbor Island shipping will need to be via boat and may require additional shipping fees.