Manini Moon

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This bracelet is made with pebbled Aquamarine crystals. 

Aquamarine is not only birthstone for March babies and Pisces. This crystal can help all! Although if you are born in March or a Pisces you may feel more resonance with them. Aquamarine brings the healing energy of the ocean. It brings soothing, calm, and stability through any one going through major life changes and can bring about positive closures. This crystal keeps one positive and light, amongst negativity or darkness in life. It is a very healing, cooling, and soothing crystal for emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments. 



  • Can help to aid inflammation and pain in the body 
  • Heart Chakra Healing - brings about unconditional love and compassion 
  • Stimulates the Throat Chakra for throat chakra healing 
  • Promotes Self-respect and inner peace
  • Known as  the stone of peace and tranquility
  • Keeps those who live far from the water connected to the Ocean 
  •  Eases stress, anxiety and frayed nerves. 
  • Helps to soothe Grief and Loneliness 
  • Encourages inner strength and bravery