Black Tourmaline

Manini Moon

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This bracelet is made with 6 mm Black Tourmaline beads. 


Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals that can help protect you from negative energy. It is a crystal body guard that will not allow negativity to enter your space. Black tourmaline absorbs any bad vibes from the environment and keeps you clear and high vibe-ing. Make sure to clear your black tourmaline using Palo Santo, Hawaiian Salt, or the All-Purpose Energy Clearing Spray after a lot of use. 


  • Can protect negative energy from entering your home, mind, boy, and spirit
  • Can also act as a cleanser from any unwanted energy in your energy field
  • Grounding and Stabilizing, it brings a deeper sense of energetic safety
  • Helps sensitive people feel safe as they move throughout the world
  • Helps to shield your energy in a bubble of protection 
  • Absorbs electromagnetic pollution from computers and devices 
  • Release anything that is bringing you down in life, and that doesn't serve you