Manini Moon

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This bracelet is made with 6 mm Carnelian beads. 


Carnelian is a crystal that can help you ignite your inner fire and passion! Need a confidence boost? Carnelian is your crystal. It has a very activating energy, in that it helps any one who is feeling a bit unworthy and insecure. Carnelian can help you pursue your dreams and accomplish your goals. It also activates the lower three Chakras and can help to bring feelings of safety and security, and confidence in pursuing your dreams. 



  • Boosts confidence and true self-expression
  • Helps you tap into your inner creativity 
  • Can help with confidence in every are of your life from career to personal matters
  • Helps one to take action on the path of their desires
  • Helps to circulate the bloods and bring in forward momentum 
  • Ignites your inner passion to bring the vitality back into your life
  • Helps you get our of overthinking and over analyzing and into your heart space, where divinely guided action resides 
  • Can get your creative juices flowing again when you are feeling stuck, or like you hit a wall
  • A reminder to be confident in yourself - and a major Self-Esteem Boost!