Manini Moon

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This bracelet is made with premium Citrine beads (10 mm). Both are about 7 inches in length.

Citrine is a crystal of joy, optimism, and positivity. It helps you approach life with an uplifted and positive attitude. This brings abundance of all forms: financial, opportunities, happiness, and success! 



  • Connection to the Sun - Brings in Joy and Happiness
  • Can bring a sense of optimism to your endeavors 
  • Can keep your environment and energy feeling sunny and light
  • Helps to dissolve blocks and stagnation
  • Increases personal power and self-confidence - clearing and healing for the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Happiness, confidence, manifestation, wealth
  • Can guide you out of darkness and into the light
  • Manifesting wealth and abundance: often times called the "Merchant Stone," or "The Success Stone"
  • Strengthens your intentions
  • Reminds you to choose happiness and tap into the light that is always available to you 
  • Help to fill your energy field with light when you are feeling down