Manini Moon

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A slightly larger (10 mm) Howlite bead with accents of gold and adorned with a Manini Moon crescent charm. 

I made this bracelet with pure elegance in mind. A striking statement piece to adorn your wrist. I wanted to make something that represented Howlite, a stone known to bring mindfulness. The marble color and the slightly larger bead bring you right into the present moment. Simplicity, minimalism, and classy elegance all in one. 

Howlite Properties:

  • Enhances memory and communication 
  • Helps actualize your thoughts - achieve what it is you want to desire
  • Can help calm anger or a bad temper 
  • It can help you better communicate when dealing with angry people
  • Great for patience 
  • A huge stress reliever 
  • Brings inner quiet and calm that can help you develop a daily mediation schedule
  • Can help with insomnia