Peach Moonstone on Rose Gold

Manini Moon

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This bracelet is made with 14K Rose Gold-Filled beads and faceted peach moonstone.  


Peach moonstone is excellent for soothing and calming the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It helps you to go within and to connect to your own intuition where your true power lies. A great crystal for fresh new beginnings in life! It is also great for bringing balance to the female hormonal system and the menstrual cycle. 



  • Supports the heart and stimulates the mind
  • Soothes emotional stress and anxiety
  • Heals imbalances and issues regarding the menstrual cycle 
  • Embrace your goddess energy within 
  • Connects you to the divine feminine 
  • Enhanced fertility 
  • Enhanced creativity 
  • Heightens your intuition 
  • Helps you access the divine wisdom within 
  • A crystal of new beginnings, inspires you to blossom