Personalized Clearing Spray

Manini Moon

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I hand make each spray with light, love, care, and positive energy. No two sprays are exactly the same, they are made just for you and your own individual energy. 

Now you the have option to have a one card message for you along with your spray! I will provide a picture of the card, along with a short message just for you which will be sent in a pdf to your email address provided at check out. 



It would be best to either leave your name and indicate what you are going through / something you'd like more of in your life in the "message for seller area" of your shopping cart, so I can get a better feel for you and your energy.

The amount of detail you would like to share with me is totally up to you and I respect that choice! The more I know about you and your situation the better I can customize a spray to you.


You may also reach out to me via text at (808)-722-7811 or email me at for any questions or for more information!