White Rainbow Moonstone

Manini Moon

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This Bracelet is made with 4mm White Rainbow Moonstone beads and a 14K Gold-Filled accent bead. This bracelet is 7 inches in length. 

White Moonstone, has a slight rainbow iridescence to it. Moonstone is a powerful stabilizer of emotions and our inner world. It helps us connect to the deepest essence of our souls. This allows us to better hear our inner wisdom, gain deeper insight and understanding, and connect to our own intuition. This crystal can help bring balance and harmony to your life. It instills a quiet sense of confidence and can empower you in all areas. Having trouble meditating? Moonstone is a great meditation facilitator and friend! 



  • Helps channel white light to clear the Chakras
  • Emotional stability and harmonizing
  • Emotional healing 
  • Healing for the menstrual cycle and imbalance of female hormones
  • Ease and healing through puberty and menopause  
  • Clears the mind and centers the spirit 
  • Helps with a "go with the flow" attitude
  • Heart Chakra Healing - A Symbol of Love in some cultures 
  • Connect to the Rhythm of nature, and therefore helps us flow through all the cycles and phases of life with more ease and understanding
  • A guide to keep you on the path of light and love 
  • A restorative and healing crystal - that can bring a sense of inner peace and well-being